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Who or what is BIRDY ?
Birdy is an amazing little instrument, lay it at the tip of your tongue, make it wet  with saliva.  By pushing the whistle to your palate and blowing air through the membrane , tongue and palate, Birdy starts to sing like a real bird! Have fun!
BIRDY ® is the official registered Trade Mark.
Many competitors have tried to copy our product and logo and even misused the name  BIRDY ® …………you can imagine why.  It says in fact all about quality of our product, our name and well-known BIRDY logo! The “Fake” Birdy Bird Whistles, look the same at first sight, but are mostly working poorly or not at all, as they are made out of inferior materials.  Fake Birdy’s fade in a few minutes.  The mouth piece,  often made of card board, soaks off quickly.  The most important part, the reed or membrane is mostly made of plastic, which is not working at all.  Note:Our product is a bit more expensive is never sold below 3,95 Euro/Dollars……
But we guarantee BIRDY last for at least a couples of  months, at normal use!
The product is packed in a solid store box which avoid damage and rust.

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  • PURCHASE       2 BIRDY´S for    7.95
  • PURCHASE       3 BIRDY´S for   10.95
  • PURCHASE       10 BIRDY´S for  31.95 
  • PURCHASE       18 BIRDY´S for  51.95 
  • PURCHASE        38 BIRDY´S for  99.95 

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BIRDY is produced by  KINGTRADE Ltd,

Trademarks ™ Birdy reg. : 1465592


Kingtrade Ltd


Reg. Company House 04008806

Hartrow Manor Farm Cottage, Lydeard St. Lawrence

United Kingdom

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